Super hexagon Trigonometry Formulas

                Super Hexagon trigonometry Tricks 

This lecture is going to be very Important for class 9 and class 10 students.

so grab your pen/pencil and let’s get started: 

The hexagon also shows that a function between any two functions is equal to them multiplied together (if they are opposite each other, then the “1” is between them): Example: tan(x)cos(x) = sin(x) Example: tan(x)cot(x) = 1.

Lets Derive all trigonometry identities : 
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Watch complete video on Super hexagon Tricks on trigonometry Identities

Quotient Identities: 


      1. tan A= sinA/cosA                       
      2. sinA= cosA/cot A                       
      3. cosA= cotA/cosecA                    
      4. cotA= cosecA/secA                    
    5. cosecA= secA/tanA                    
      6. secA=   tanA/sinA                      


  1. tanA= secA/cosecA
  2. secA= cosecA/cotA
  3. cosecA= cotA/cosA
  4. cotA= cosA/sinA
  5. cosA= sinA/ tanA
  6. sinA= tanA/secA

 Product Identities:

The hexagon also shows that ” A function between any two functions is equal to them multiplied together .( If the function are opposite to each other then “1” is in between them.)
Ok well don’t confuse, lets take example:
Sin(x) = tan(x)*cos(x) [ watch video I have explained it]
Or if they are opposite to each other :
Then their multiplication will be equal to one .
Example: 1. sin(x)*cosec(x) =1
2. cos(x)*sec(x)=1
Wait… there is more!

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Reciprocal Identities:

  1. sin(x) = 1/cosec(x) 
  2. cosec(x)= 1/sin(x)
  3. cos(x) =1/sec(x)
Likewise we can find Reciprocal identities for all trigonometric ratios …

Pythagorean Identities:

1. sin^2(x)+ cos^2(x) = 1
2. 1+ cot^2 (X) = cosec^2 (x)
3.1+ tan^2(x) = sec^2(x)
So do you like these Super hexagon Trigonometric identities. If you have not watch the video on trigonometric Identities then I suggest you to watch it. Still if you have any doubt then comment here or on my YouTube channel.  

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