Acid Rain

acid rain Acid Rain:  There are three pillars of sustainable development, including environmental protection, social development, and economic development. Environmental protection is a broad topic, this article focus on only on acid rain (air pollution). What is acid rain? What contributes to it? How acid rain impact human and other organisms? Acid Rain: Acidic components’ … Read more

Weather and Climate change

Climate change  How much do you know about climate and climate change? Weather and Climate ARE THEY SAME?😕 No, weather refers to short-term changes in atmospheric conditions like temperature, humidity, etc. But climate refers to a long-term weather of a specific area. For example, weather can change daily (hot day to cold day) but climate … Read more

Factorisation of Quadratic Equation trick ( Vedic math mental trick) with online Quiz

Factorisation of Quadratic Equation : Hi folks, I hope you happy and safe. Well. Factorisation is reversed multiplication and particular application of division. In this article I am going to make your factorisation process very easy even you can factorise difficult  Quadratic equations mentally. In our school we were taught about split middle term method … Read more

Polynomials with notes and video lecture

Polynomials Polynomials are the expression which contains Constants and variables that involves only operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and Non-negative inters (also called Whole numbers) exponents.   So polynomials are consisting of many terms and these terms are split by addition or subtraction. For example: ax+b is a polynomial because it has two terms which … Read more

Metal and Non metal Quiz

Metal and Non-metal Quiz Index => Metal and Non-metal Quiz Quiz Show all questions <=   => which matel that can be extracted simply by heating the cinebar ore in air ? ?  Zn ?  Hg ?  Cu ?  Al by which process sulphide ore is converted in to metal oxide ?  calcination ?  anodising ?  roasting ?  carbonation By which Process Zinc … Read more

Best multiplication tricks using Vedic Maths

Multiply any number in 2 seconds: Hello learners , I will tell You the magic of Vedic mathematics. This  multiplication Tricks comes from Vedic math sutra ” Nikkhilam” . I have explained these tricks on my You tube channel . Learn multiplication Tricks from video Base method of multiplication: This method is ultimate contribution of … Read more